Ok, you now got your website for your business, but guess what you have no traffic coming to it… so how can you get potential customers to visit your site? Read on.

1. Create a blog, and start posting info and photos of your products and services. Make sure you designate someone (or you) to do this at least once a week.

2. Create a couple of social media accounts such as Facebook. Facebook is great place to build an audience and bring those people over to your main website. Don’t forget to insert a link mentioning your site on Facebook. Another great social platform is Pinterest, start sharing pictures of your products that you sell.

3. Create a FREE Yelp account and get your business reviewed. This is the modern version of the Yellow Pages, people love to read reviews and what better way for them to find you than Yelp. Tip: Just make sure you provide a great service before applying here since people will review your service.

In time you should be able to see results of your posting efforts. The key is to keep consistent, again do this at least a minimum of at least once a week. Good luck!