Building referral relationships with similar businesses can really help your business grow.

Consider for a moment on all the types of similar business to your own with whom you could build a business relationship with. If you’re in the dog grooming business, you could reach out to: Dog obedience schools, Dog walker services, Pet photographer, Pet health expert, etc. Building those relationships can help you get more business.

Don’t think of them as your competition, but rather as someone that you can cross promote and vise-versa. You’ll be surprised on how this can help your business succeed. As in example: I have personally built a relationship with a PC repair business, and they referred me to their customers and in return I do the same for them.

Here are 5 More Ideas:

  1. Build a solid reputation in your industry. Do great and honest work and your clients will get the word out that you are a reputable business.
  2. Ask your current customers for referrals. Don’t be shy. You could even offer a discount to them for referring new customers.
  3. Make it a habit and go to business expos and mixers. Introduce yourself and tell them what you do.
  4. Don’t forget about the old but effective method of traditional marketing. Print flyers and hand them out. Go and visit local businesses and introduce yourself.
  5. Use the power of the internet and market your services and products there. Places to try: Craigslist, Facebook local groups, local city forums and sites.

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone.

Remember none of the above will happen overnight. It takes time, effort and commitment, but doing so will help you succeed at getting more clients.The more you interact and socialize the better chance of you landing more clients.

Hope this helps. Now take action and get out there!