I heard this strategy awhile back, didn’t believe it since I was surrounded by people that said to get as much money as you can and to always charge for your time.

So do you charge for EVERY little thing that you do for your customers OR do you give back freely?

I think it’s important to remember you can do both as long as you always have the attitude of giving value for your customers.

As an example, you could create helpful YouTube videos that can help your customers, such as a plumber that creates quick 5 min “how to fix” videos. Most would think, why would you do that since you are not getting paid to fix the problem yourself by creating these FREE YouTube videos? Or by creating a membership site and charging for those “how to fix” video tutorials.

The Answer.


Authority and trust will go a long way in helping your business grow. So instead going for the quick buck, educate the masses, gain authority and trust. In the long-term you will have a reputation as someone that gives value rather than someone that is just doing it for a quick buck.

Your Business Long-Term Strategy

If you want your business to grow, the next step is to add a level of consistent trust. Do for others first and it will come back to you in one way, form, shape or other. Always strive to give the best value to the customers and you will build that relationship to land long-term customers.

Losing Money in the Short Term

So what if you are giving up your time to help your customers, again your are building both trust and building a foundation for long-term relationship with your customers.

Winning the War

It would be nice to profit right away, but I will not be bothered by getting the dollars right this second. Again I’m trying to build up LEVERAGE. Be known as the person that helps others and besides it always feels better to give rather than expect anything in return.

And for those people that I use to listen to about the quick money grab, let’s just say, I don’t hang around them anymore. Change of mindset is the key. The truth is this: you’ll get all the sales in the end.